Tap into Your Network by Asking for Referrals

1 – Tap into Your Network by Asking for Referrals

This is commonly a decent methodology – particularly on the off chance that you are aware of somebody who can help you specifically or can associate you to somebody who can assist. In a perfect world you can get a reference from somebody who has just worked with the individual you’re hoping to contract.

One thing to comprehend is that a considerable lot of these individuals do this work professionally and likely take in substantial income for it (particularly for tech-type work) so simply make sure that you comprehend this when you converse with them about the work you need done. You likely need to just approach what their rate is for their work. On the off chance that it’s out of your financial plan, at that point let them know and you can inquire as to whether they are aware of somebody who charges less.

As a tech fellow myself, I get many individuals who request that I help fix PC issues. They will say something like, “My PC is running moderate and may have an infection. Would you be able to investigate it?” What they may not know is that I work in programming improvement and don’t fix PCs professionally (in spite of the fact that I as a matter of fact invest more energy than I should utilizing them!). I used to enable these individuals to out (sometimes still do) yet almost certain indicate out them that I’m likely not the opportune individual for the activity and that my hourly rate is well over $100. For my time, you could approach simply purchasing another PC!

In spite of the fact that taking advantage of your system can function admirably, I wouldn’t make a special effort to invest a great deal of energy following somebody down along these lines. There are different methodologies that may enable you to discover somebody progressively capable – and quicker.

2 – Post Your Job on Craigslist

I think this is presumably a standout amongst the most famous approach to discover specialists nowadays. They make it too simple to post a promotion. Be that as it may, in case you’re hoping to contract, you need to pay a little charge – except if it’s only a “gig”, which could be a decent alternative in case you’re search for somebody to finish a short errand (or you simply would prefer not to fork out the cash for a paid posting).

By and by I haven’t had much fortunes enlisting individuals on Craigslist. I had a go at contracting a sales rep and, in spite of the fact that I made some intrigue hopefuls and met a couple of them, it was trying to locate the correct fit. I have a companion who has had more fortunes with more section level kinds of positions. On the off chance that, for instance, you need to enlist a business or individual associate who can go to your home or office and you’re willing to prepare them, Craigslist is most likely a decent choice.

3 – Post Your Job on oDesk (or elance)

This is the place I’ve had the most fortunes procuring. It’s never simple to locate the ideal individual yet locales like elance and oDesk have approaches to scan for and audit individuals before enlisting.

Here’s my fundamental procedure:

Post a vocation. I for the most part adopt the strategy of procuring somebody as long as possible. I would much rather discover somebody who can do the work who I coexist well with and can construct a decent, enduring working relationship – versus simply procuring somebody to finish one assignment and be finished with it. Consequently I attempt to make this obvious in the activity posting that, despite the fact that it’s not full time, I need to continue working with the opportune individual. The general organization for my activity posting is:

Clarify who and what I’m searching for in a specialist.

Clarify the activity.

Tell them that correspondence is VERY vital. I would quite procure somebody who is a superior communicator with normal specialized abilities over somebody who is a normal communicator with better specialized aptitudes.

Disclose to them my identity and present my business.

Request past work. Request their main 1-3 tests of work that identify with your activity.

Ask screening questions. This is the thing that makes it MUCH less demanding for me to experience and screen hopefuls. Many disregard the inquiries. I can weed these out immediately. Or then again they answer them inadequately so they’re out as well.

Weeding. As expressed before, you have to remove trashy applicants. On the off chance that they don’t answer your screening questions, they’re out. On the off chance that they answer inadequately, gone. In the event that you kinda like their answers, gone as well. You need to wait for somebody that you LIKE.

Peruse Reviews. For those that you like from perusing their reaction to your activity posting, burrow somewhat more profound by perusing past audits. On the off chance that they’re 95% or increasingly positive, that is likely a decent sign. Something I’ve seen when I give an under 5 star audit to a contractual worker is that they can be angry and push for a superior survey. (I’ve even had contractual workers discount cash to evacuate audits. Despite the fact that the most noticeably bad was a through and through death risk!) Thus numerous surveys are expanded.

Take a gander at earlier work. Survey tests of earlier work. In the event that it looks awkward or you don’t love it, at that point proceed onward to the following hopeful.

Meeting. You ought to almost certainly thin down around 5 competitors that you like on paper. Set up time to converse with these individuals on telephone, skype, Google home bases or whatever you incline toward. Get some information about the solutions to their inquiries, any terrible or missing audits and their earlier work.

Contract. Contract the best 1-3 applicants and give them a genuinely straightforward errand. After that undertaking is finished, keep your top picks and let the others go.

4 (BONUS) – Check out Your Other Options

Here are different administrations that may work better for your specific circumstance. Look at them.

TaskRabbit. I can hardly wait for this to go to my city with the goal that I out it an attempt. It appears to be an extraordinary method to get a decent close to home partner.

Thumbtack. I have given this a shot to discover nearby administrations yet some way or another TaskRabbit Cloneappears to be unrivaled.

Fiverr. This is simply engaging to take a gander at.

Care.com. I may utilize this to discover a housekeeper.

Spill. Utilize this to discover craftsmen and visual architects.

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